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Five Tips To Make A Mobile Friendly Website

There are chances you would have missed the latest algorithm update from Google. On April 21, 2015, Google launched a superb update of an algorithm that is named as “Mobilegeddon” by web developers and web designers. Its main motto is to punish websites that are not mobile-friendly. Okay, we maybe exaggerating a little but Google did give priority to websites that can easily run on mobile phones by ranking down the website in mobile search results of those who aren’t mobile-friendly.

Since 2015, mobile has overtaken laptops and desktops and has become the primary device that people use to search online and use the internet. So, how you should create or transform your website to a mobile-friendly one? In this article, there are 5 tips that will lend you some knowledge regarding creating a mobile-friendly website. So, without further ado, let’s get started:

Do Not Create a Separate Website for Mobile Phones

In earlier days when mobile sites came into existence, web developers with site …

How to choose domain for your vietnam based website

Domain or domain name in simple words is the name of a website. It’s the part after “www.” in the web address, you can also find it in the email address after “@”. When someone asks how to find you online, usually what you answer them is your domain name. Your domain is your online brand, you almost never should change your domain so you have to choose your domain very very carefully.
If you are going to target the Vietnamese audience, it's important to choose the right domain name for this market. As we have helped a number of our clients to do website design and marketing services targeting the Vietnam online market, we can share with you a few things we have learned during this process.
1. Pick brandable domain names In many cases, people use the company's name for the domain name. If you need to build brand awareness for your company, this is the way to go.

If you are still in the process of choosing a company name, you can use this Vietnam Business Registration website to…

Five things you should do today for your website

So you spent weeks or even months to design and develop your precious website, are you going to leave it there catching the dust? There are a few things you can (and should) do to today keep your website alive and active with minimal effort:

1. Actively promote your website and your business

A website is dead without visitors. No matter how good your product/service is, you will not make any sales if no one knows about it. Depending on the type of product/service you offer you can promote your website on online business listing, local business listing websites, social media and other means. Actively ask your friends and clients to refer to your website whenever possible.

One thing that we found to be very useful is promoting your website on business listing websites. You can find a huge list of them here on directorycritic.

You can also use Google or Bing or any other search engines to look for more business listing websites that fit your business. For example, a search for &…

Create a website from A-Z

A website design project is not only a work of art, it's a carefully crafted product customized for the exact purposes of the website owner to showcase products, services or brand. There are numerous steps in the website design and development process.
Phase One: Information Gathering Many things need to be taken into consideration when designing a website, that's why in the beginning is good to sit down with all the persons involved and discuss as many issues as you can. This means that if the usage and operation of the website involves sales, inventory management, and accounting then all these departments should be involved in the whole process. Knowing the purpose, goals, the target audience and the kind of content of the site, will help the software service provider to understand the client needs and make the best decisions. For this you should consider some aspects:


What is the purpose of the site? What defines your bsuiness and how do you wnat to represent it on t…

Web hosting for your Vietnam based website

As of now, most businesses operating in Vietnam are free to choose any local or international hosting provider. This may change in the future as the Government is pushing for a new law that requires businesses operating or doing businesses in Vietnam to use Vietnam's web hosting provider. We are not even sure how this can be enforced if this law actually comes into effect.
In any case, as of the moment, you are free to choose any web hosting. However, there are several important factors that you should take into account:

Loading speed of your website
Probably the most important success factor of a website, the loading speed of a website is partly decided by the infrastructure of the web hosting provider.

Are the physical servers setup and optimized properly?Are the internal connection between servers good?Is the datacenter well located?Is the datacenter well connected to the world?
The closer your data-center is to the visitor, the better. For example, if most of your website visito…

Maximize your website return on investment

Your website is an investment, if you manage it smartly, it can generate great profits for you. You invested money and time into your website not just to have a website, but with hope that your investment will lead to greater visibility, leads, sales and most importantly the bottom line. Lets see how you can make the most out of your investment.
Utilize the website as your lead tool The very first thing a potential client/partner usually does is visiting the organization's website. The website which is always available online (or should be), and always updated with the latest news and information (or should be) is no doubt a good source for information about the company.

A smoothly functioning and well designed website is an effective presales tool for an organization. Via the company website, the visitors can understand more about the products, services, or solutions it offers; and may consider taking the next step as a qualified lead with the organization's salesforce.


What is SSL and why you should use it

"SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. This link ensures that all data passed between the web server and browsers remain private and integral. SSL is an industry standard and is used by millions of websites in the protection of their online transactions with their customers."

Transport Layer Security (TLS) is the successor to SSL but since SSL is by far most common term on the Internet people still use SSL when talking about these terminologies.

Without SSL, all the data transferred between you and the webserver can be intercepted by others. For eCommerce websites that take customer's sensitive information, this could mean hacked credit cards and other information. For other types websites, this could mean that the 3rd parties can easily track your browsing traits.
How to know if your site is using SSL Look at the URL of the website. If it begins with “https” instead of “http…

Optimize your Search Engine Result Page (SERP) snippet

Search Engine Result Page (SERP) are the result pages that contain the result of a search query. Sample search engine result page Each result in this page is often called SERP snippet or SERP item. Search Engines uses the content from your website to generate the content of these snippets.
Search engine result page snippet has 3 main components Note:search engines have custom algorithms to generate the snippets, the general rules to use title, description and link do not always apply. As you can see in the example above our title is cut short and some of the words are not displayed. It's very important to take note of this, imagine if you use a very long title and the most important keywords are not displayed then you may not capture the users' immediate attention.
How does Google display the SERP text content? Now that you know Google is truncating the text content displayed in the SERP snippet, it's important to understand how Google is doing that. The general accepted t…

Choose the right colors for your website

When designing a website one essential factor is knowing your audience, using the right elements and colors will help in the success of your website. What would work for people in Europe or America (western cultures) perhaps won’t be appealing to people living in Japan or any of the Asian culture countries. Deciphering the way people respond to color is not an exact science, many factors are involved, from hundreds of accumulated culture of your country or region, religion or personal experience.

As a person that was born in a western culture but that currently work a web design company in Vietnam, I had to learn all the new meanings and psychology of colors. Choosing the right combination of colors will affect if the user feels engage or not with the message that you are trying to communicate. Below you will find some of the meaning of the general color wheel.

RED Corresponding with fire, is the color of happiness and is meant to bring good luck, prosperity, celebration, joy and long …

Web design in Vietnam

The website design in Vietnam (Ha noi & Ho Chi Minh city) is quickly booming with the rise of ecommerce, mobile gaming, and online marketing. While the majority of businesses in Vietnam has not yet realized the power of the internet, many are embracing this new change to take over the market.
In 2015, for the first time, Cushman & Wakefield releases global comprehensive report which ranks Vietnam at the world’s premier destination for business process outsourcing. Two years passed, and Vietnam is still one of the top destinations for IT service outsourcing. In fact, several of the global top tech companies have opened offices in Vietnam to take advantage of the growing IT work force.
While the majority of the website in Vietnam is still 10 years behind the world with generic layout, unfriendly design, incompatible web pages, things are changing. A number of business owners have realized that website is a useful tool, and a worthy investment to quickly reach potential client…